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Front Page History of the World Wars, edited by Arto DeMirjian, Jr. and Eve Nelson

Front Page History of the World Wars, edited by Arto DeMirjian, Jr. and Eve Nelson
Arno Press, 1976
316 pages
Library: 940.3 FRO

CAVE CANEM: pg 254 is out of order. It is the page for May 3, 1945, and is placed in among the 1944 pages.

This book does not have every single front page of the New York Times during the war years of WWI and WWII, nor does it explain why the pages chosen were chosen. About half the book is devoted to WWI front pages, the rest to WWII front pags.

In addition to these front pages (which need to be read by young eyes, or with a magnifying glass - the book is oversize but the print is still pretty teeny tiny) there are some blown up photos of various events. These photos come from other sources, archives, etc.

WWI Photos
Archduke Francis Ferdinand and his consort Duchess of Hohenberg (in paper)
unidentified massed Russian soldiers w with artillery
Unidentified Russian reservists on wat to war with families
Czar Nicholas II of Russia
Emperor Franz Josef of Austria
Kaiser Wilhelm II
Ambassador Bakmeteff and the Russian War Mission (16 unidentified men)
Unidentified Belgian soldiers
Unidentified German soldiers with 420-mm howitzer
Unidentified German infantry
Late Pope Pius X (in paper)
Unidentified Allied soldiers in Belgium
unidentified Belgian peasants (old woman, young child)
3 unidentified members of British gun crew
Antwerp's defenses (in paper)
Belgian soldiers defending approach to Antwerp (behind bundles of wood)
unidentified Turkish soldiers marching through Constantinople
Unidentified Polish infantry in East Prussia
Unidentified Russia prisoners of war and German captors
Lost Lusitania (in paper)
Torpedoed White Star Liner Arabic (in paper)
9 unidentified French infantry
Map of Western battlefront (in paper)
Italian-American liner Ancona torpedoed (in paper)
Western battle front (in paper)
Persia torpedoed, inset of Robert McNeely (in paper)
Verdun and outlying forts assailed by Germans (in paper)
unidentified German soldiers carrying munitions
Earl Kitchener of Khartoum (in paper)
unidentified Austrian officers captured by Russians
Officers and crew (unidentifiable) of U53
Late Emperor Franz Joseph (in paper)
David Lloyd George (in paper)
"Barred Zones" and "Safety Zones" oulined in Germany's note (in paper)
Czar Nicholas II, Alexis, Grand Duke Michael, Michael Rodiannko
SS Illinois sinking
Arthur J. Balfour and Joseph H. Cheate (in paper)
Maj GEn John J. Persghing , unidentified officer, unidentified soldiers
Unidentified American soldiers of the Honor guard, in France
3 identified German prisoners
unidentified but recognizable British soldiers among others, not identified or recognizable
Unidentified Italian artillerymen
President Wilson and 7 unidentified members of the War Council of the American Red Cross
Alvey Augustus Adee, 2nd Assistant secretary of state
Herbert C Hoover, Food Commissioner for the war
Torpedoed transport Tuscania (in paper)
France's 22 inch gun, largest in the world (in paper)
Transport Covington sunk by U-boat (in paper)
USS Covington sinking
Dr. Edward A Rumely (in paper)
San Diego, sunk off Long Island (in paper)
Unidentified US MPs marching German prisoners through France
Unidentified French troops in shell hole
Kaiser Wilhelm and unidentified staff officers
Unidentified German POWs acting as litter-bearers
Marshal Foch and 8 unidentified soldiers posed in front of train
Unidentified American soldiers hoisting flag in Etrage Mense
Unidentified dead German machine gunner
Big Four: Vittorio Emmanuel Orlando of Italy. Lloyd George of England, Georges Clemenceau of France, Woodrow Wilson of US
President Wilson leaving peace conference

World War II
--10 unidentified Polish officers
--3 unidentified German infantry
--Hitler acts against Poland map (in paper)
--Unidentified German soldiers pausing on way to Warsaw
--Unidentified German troops parading through Warsaw
--New theatre of war is opened map (in paper)
--Nazis swoop on the low countries map (in paper)
--German soldiers in truck and on horseback, moving through Holland
--Winston Churchill
--Neville Chamberlain
--Fires of war leap across the low countries map (in paper)
--Nazi tide laps at Paris as Italy joins war map (in paper)
--Unidentified Italian troops drilling
--Hitler making speech at Reichstag, Hermann Goering, 4 unidentified Nazi onlookers
--Rudolf Hess
--Unidentified German infantry
--Where German armies march on Russia map (in paper)
--Pacific Ocean theatre of war map (in paper)
--President Roosevelt signing declaration of war against Japan (in paper)
--Roosevelt signing declaration of War against Germany, senator Tom Connelly (in paper)
--Lt Gen Tomoyuki Yamashita, Lt GEn Arthur Percival (in paper)
--M'Arthurmen on route to Australia (in paper)
--Price Administrator Lee Henderson (?) and Donald Garden of Canada (in paper)
--Tea after the greatest air raid in history (Brits bombing Cologne) (in paper)
--Field Marshal General Erwin Rommel, Field Marshal Kesselring, unidentified soldiers in Libya
--Rommel and unidentified members of his staff
--Unidentified Russian workers with rifles
--Vyacheslaff M. Molotoff with President Roosevelt (in paper)
--Queen Wilhelmina (in paper)
--Winston Churchill (in paper)
--unidentified German paratroopers attacking Russian stronghold
--Rommel's forces take important port in Libya map (in paper)
--Supreme Court Justice Murphy as soldier (in paper)
--unidentified German soldiers in Stalingrad
--President Roosevelt (in paper)
--Scene of action in Solomons where our cruisers were lost map (in paper)
--American operations in Africa map (in paper)
--President Roosevelt and Churchill at Casablanca Conference, with 6 unidentified officers
--Brig Gen William H Wilbur (in paper)
--Radiation center of American power in the Pacific map (in paper)
--2 bodies, unidentified Japanese soldiers at Guadalcanal
--New United Nations set up in Africa diagram (in paper)
--Lt Gen Omar Bradley, Supreme Commander Dwight D Eisenhower, Third Army's George Patton
--Russian steamrollers continue to crush resistance map (in paper)
--Retreat in Tunisia map (in paper)
--Field Marshall Erwin Rommel
--Roosevelt and Churchill (in paper)
--Allies plant flag on first Mediterranean stepping stone map (in paper)
--United Nations forces move forward in southeast Pacific map (in paper)
--Unidentified civilians in Sicily surrendering their arms (in paper)
--Benito Mussolini and Marshall Pietro Badoglio (in paper)
--Quebec: Roosevelt, Churchill, King of England, Gen Henry H. Arnold, Air Marshal Sir Charles Portal, General Sir Alan Brooks, Admiral Ernest J. King, Field Marshal Sir John Dill, Gen George C Marshall, Admiral Sir Dudley Pound and Admiral William D. Leahy. (in paper)
--Lord Louis Mountbatten (in paper)
--Roosevelt in Ottawa (in paper)
--Across narrow waters to Europe map (in paper)
--US soldiers in London cheer news of Italy's surrender (in paper)
--Opening of new base to the Allies bridges gap in the Atlantic map (in paper)
--Allies continue to advance swiftly in Italy map (in paper)
--Scene of world's most destructive aerial bombardment map (in paper)
--Dead Japanese soldiers in bunker on Tarawa
--Generalissimo Chang Kai-shek, President Roosevelt, Prime Minister Churchill and Mrs. Chang Kai-chek (in paper)
--Marshal Stalin, President Roosevelt and Churchill in Tehran (in paper)
--Gen Dwight D. Eisenhower (in paper)
--Gen Eisenhower with unidentified paratroopers
--Unidentified marine artilleryman on Cape Gloucester
--Marshall Islands (in paper)
--two unidentified Japanese soldiers surrendering
--Germans punch at our lines in Italy map (in paper)
--2 unidentified German women looking at rubble in British sector of Berlin
--Lt Carl G. Bickel, Charles Koenig, Felix W. Rogers, James P. Keane (in paper)
--New Russian breakthrough in south map (in paper)
--Allied ring forged in Bismarck archipelago map (in paper)
--Churchill and Eisenhower reviewing paratroopers (in paper)
--Lt Gen W. D. Morgan, Air Vice Marshall George Baker, Maj Gen AP ? and Lt M. Vrevsky, Maj GEn Lyman ? [paper caption illegible)
--Americans leap frog up the New Guinea coast map (in paper)
--Lt Gen Mark W Clark and unidentified American troops (in paper)
--Unidentified Italian civilians cheering Allies arrival in Rome
--First Allied landing made on shores of western Europe map (in paper)
--Lt Gen Omar Bradley, George C. Marshall, Gen Hap Arnold
--unidentified Navy corpsman
--Stunning blows strike foe in Pacific area map (in paper)
--Unidentified American soldiers near Cherbourg (in paper)
--General von Schlieben And Admiral Hennecke, captured in Cherbourg
--Roosevelt chosen to run for 4th term (in paper)
--Unidentified marines on Guam
--Harry S Truman (in paper)
--Unidentified soldier and Cherbourger
--Lily Pons singing to unidentified Frenchmen (in paper)
--Quebec: Gen George C Marshall, Admiral William Leahy, President Roosevelt, Prime Minister Churchill, Field Marshal Sir Alan Brooke, Field Marshal Sir John Dill, Maj Gen Hollis, Lt GEn Sir Hastings Imay, Admiral Ernest J. King, Air Marshal Sir Charles Portal, Gen H. Arnold, Admiral Sir Andrew Cunningham
--General M'Arthur fulfills a gallant vow map(in paper)
--Sea power of land of the rising sun shattered in battle map (in paper)
--Old Glory goes up over Iwo Jima (in paper)
--Unidentified members of Third Army's 89th division
--Japanese fleet remnants battered anew map (in paper)
--Franklin Delano Roosevelt, black border (1882-1945) (in paper)
--unidentified German soldiers surrendering
--First Army soldiers and Russian soldiers greeting each other (in paper)
--Italians and the body of Benito Mussolini (in paper)
--Adolf Hitler portrait (in paper)
--Unidentified German evacuees leaving Rheindahlen(women and children)
--Unidentified Japanese soldier surrenders
--Okinawa conquest expands our attacking radius map (in paper)
--President Truman watches S of State Stettinius signing security pact (in paper)
--Clement R. Attlee, Winston Churchill (in paper)
--The European countries affected by Big Three decisions map (in paper)
--Circle of spearheads around Japan completed map (in paper)
--Unidentified civilians in Times Square (in paper)
--GEneral of the Army Douglas Macarthur (in paper)
--Gen Eisenhower with Marshall Gregory K. Zhukoff
--Truman announces surrender of Japan, Admiral William Leahy, S of State James Byrnes, former S of State Cordell Hull. Maj General Philip Fleming, William N Davis, John W. Snyder, James Forrestal, Fred Vinson, Tom Clark, Lewis Schwellenbach (in paper)
--Amoru Shigemitsu, Gen Douglas Macarthur, General Richard K. Sutherland
--Gen Douglas McArthur, unidentified Japanese and American officers

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